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All this for me?

This African small-scale farmer would be overwhelmed if she knew about the thousands of aid agencies, NGOs and UN organisations discussing her life, well-being and future. She doesn’t know what the outside world discusses about what kind of government would serve … Continue reading

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Rwanda – a model for peace and reconciliation?

Debates on Rwanda are often polarized. If you value peace, stability and better welfare for the people, you will admire Rwanda. If you look for civil liberties, human rights and space for different political views, Rwanda is not your country. … Continue reading

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Corruption in Africa – who is to blame?

Corruption is alien to the traditional African culture. But after years of colonialism and 50 years of independence, corruption now poses a major threat to development in Africa. The battle against corruption is failing across Africa. The poorer the country, … Continue reading

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Agriculture in Africa – who will decide the policy?

Agriculture could both be an obstacle and a moment of hope for development in Africa. 2/3 of Africans depend on farming for their livelihood. The continent holds 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land. Agriculture employs 65 percent of African … Continue reading

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