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Politics of Zambia

In most African countries independence meant transfer of authoritarian power structures from colonial powers to the new rulers. Not much was done to change the system. The new rulers continued to focus on controlling the government apparatus and strengthening the … Continue reading

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How to develop recipient fatigue

“Let us first discuss the proposal from the Western donor. They say we need to embark upon a development project that demonstrates a sustained commitment to transparency, multiple accountability, integrity based on shared development of goals and values, mutual respect, … Continue reading

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The indigenous and influential civil society in Africa

The dominating actors in African civil society are usually the religious groups and traditional leaders. They are the glue in African society. Civil society in Africa is different from the organizational structures we know in Europe. Often underestimated and not … Continue reading

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African perspectives on development aid

It is a paradox that donors take more interest in development aid than those who are supposed to benefit from aid. Organisations and aid agencies use large amounts of money to help the poor, they produce numerous strategies, documents and … Continue reading

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