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Agriculture is the engine driving many African countries

Two thirds of Africans depend on farming for their livelihood. The sector`s potential is enormous. The World Bank has estimated that African agriculture and agribusiness could be worth $ 1 trillion in 2030. However, agriculture is not attractive for African … Continue reading

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Civil Society in Africa – the role of foreigners

Civil society is not necessarily good in itself. Sometimes civil society has contributed  towards destruction of societies and played a negative role in conflicts and peace  building. But in most countries civil society plays an important role both as a provider … Continue reading

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Africa – between optimism and despair

Africa was believed to become the new superpower. With all its potentials and with an upcoming generation of new leaders,  the “Africa rising” movement developed both inside and outside the continent. Now Africa is not even able to feed its … Continue reading

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Maybe Africa did not plan for success

African countries have had a fast and impressive growth. But the economic growth did not coincide with poverty elimination because it was not linked to the economic sectors that affect the poor. Youth unemployment has now reached  alarming proportions. The … Continue reading

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To defeat a President

Typical  African scenario:   1. The newly elected President has launched an ambitious reform program to fight poverty, reduce corruption, revive agriculture and secure equal treatment of all ethnic groups. 2. The President is quickly encompassed by powerful forces within … Continue reading

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Africa – from pessimism to optimism- and now more realism

There are many sweeping statements about development in Africa. Some are optimistic and some are pessimistic. The outside world has difficulties in understanding what is happening in Africa and the extraordinary forces in play there. Little insight  is provided by … Continue reading

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Too little too late – leadership crisis in Africa

Africa is getting richer, but political violence and inequality is on the rise. There are now peacekeeping missions in 11 African countries. Or as one angry Nigerian wrote from Lagos: “Why is it that Africans seem to love killing other … Continue reading

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